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Sunday, May 20, 2012


I was terrified of my Prestige Hi-Dome, used to send everyone out of the kitchen in case it exploded, all that hissing...are they really much improved? What make is yours? and presumably it is not too big.

Just started my first Kauni Wingspan...after finishing a Colour Affection, which I am very pleased with, it has never been off me......

Love homemade bread - can't remember the last time we bought bread.

I can smell the bread from here!!
Butter Beans are nice cooked in a pressure cooker to with onions and tomatoes
Julie xxxxxxxx

Jill, it's a Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker from Lakeland and it's really quiet compared to those old Prestige ones and not scary at all :o) I'm about to cast on a Colour Affection - seem to be hooked on garter stitch at the moment...

I've been terrified of pressure cookers ever since the time my grandad exploded beetroot all over the kitchen. But pressure cooked pulses are so much nicer (and cheaper) than tinned. I may have to follow your lead...

Boy, I have *got* to get on the stick and cast on my own Color Affection. I've got my three skeins all ready and waiting ... :)

And that bread looks really good. Who cares what shape it came out of the oven?

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