Christmas Happiness Bellpull
Valentine Blackwork


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Heather Cawte



Thanks a lot, it is lovely.

anneke buijsman bakkum

thank you for the pattern,i wil make this for our
son and daughter in law.they live in danmark.
greetings anneke


Thank you for the lovely pattern!



Thanks, very nice


What a lovely design. Thank you for sharing this with us.


thank you so much for this lovely pattern

greatings miriam


Another Tom Pudding TEMPTATION. Thankyou.Happy New Year to All


Merci c'est magnifisue.


Thank you for this lovely pattern. The work is beautiful.

Chris C en Roussillon


Cross Stitch Patterns

Thanks for posting some great cross stitch patterns. I just love the design on this one, thanks for posting the picture, it's really great.

Rose Koslap

I am trying to download this beautiful pattern but have having problems with the link. Please help me. Thank you


Rose - email me at wibbos (dot) words at yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk with your email address and I'll send you the pdf. Jan

Ruby Murray

Unbelievably beautiful, on my to do list for def. Thank you so much for offering this pattern for others to use.

Pat Myhren

I love this set of patterns and would like to incorporate it in stockings and other gifts for family and friends. I tried to ask permission via the wibbos address, but my e-mail failed. I'm hoping you get this message. Thank you for offering such nice and useful patterns on-line.


Hi Pat,
That's absolutely fine to use the patterns in other projects. Sorry you had a problem getting in touch with me.
I hope to get my act together and upload the rest of my designs fairly soon!


Hi can you use the patterns to make and sell things. I'm a member of a small sewing group and we sell things to fund our projects for our local cathedral.


Hi Jo, I've just emailed you!


Hello! 😊 I’m having trouble downloading this pattern, and subscribing to this feed. Could you help me please? Thank you sincerely, Wanda

Jan Eaton

Hi Wanda!

Click on the link under the photo. This will open the pattern as a pdf - save the pdf to your computer and open the file by double clicking on it.

If you're still having a problem, send me your email address and I'll send the pattern as an attachment.

I'm not sure why "Subscibe" isn't working and I'll look into it. I don't have any plans to upload new designs this year so you're not missing anything!

Regards, Jan

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