Scandinavian Red & White
Happy Easter


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Love this beautiful pattern. Thank you for sharing it again.

Susanne Taudte


these designs are so beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing.

I am groupmom of a yahoogroup "Sticklounge". We stitch freebies but only when we have the permission of the designers to do so. May I ask you to you'd give us the permission to stitch the redwhite scandinavian sampler and the Christmas happiness bellpull? Thanks for thinking about this and in advance for your answer, best wishes


Hi Susanne! Please feel free to stitch those two designs with your yahoogroup and thank you for asking for my permission first. Jan :o)

Janne Hill

Thank you for the lovely black work heart pattern. I would love to use it if I may, to stitch Valentine cards for my friends next year. I have only just found it so missed this year! Thank you again for sharing such a lovely pattern.


Hi Janne! Thank you for your comments and I'm happy for you to stitch this design to make cards for your friends. Jan :o)

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