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Scarf, episode 2

Changing rooms

Well, to be accurate, it's changing one room from this:


into a proper spare room. You know the sort of thing I'm after; a room that has a comfy bed and other niceties to make a guest feel at home. The guest will be my friend Gavin who left London today to live in Brighton. He'll be commuting to London three days a week, and I'd like to offer him somewhere more comfortable to kip than in a sleeping bag on the floor. We're all getting too old for that! I've been trying to clear out said room all year and I have made some headway, but there's still an awful lot of stuff to chuck out or take to the charity shop. Better make a start tomorrow....

On my iPod this week, I'm listening to: Neil Young - Prairie Wind; Sandy Denny - No More Sad Refrains; Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola, Jean-Luc Ponty - The Rite of Strings; Frank Sinatra - Songs for Swingin' Lovers.


Must go back to tompudding to see if this has replaced it!
VERY busy interesting site!

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