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Knit and rip

Trying the cram the stash from Ally Pally into a box under my bed, I came across a skein of Silkwood hand dyed wool I bought at Stitch earlier this year. Perfect for a scarf, I thought, now that winter's almost here.


I cast on and knitted a bit in chevron rib. The yarn looks great in the ball, changing from purple and aubergine to cerise and dusky pink, but the stitch doesn't show off the colour changes very well. Rip and back to the drawing board. I tried out several more stitches, and settled for traditional feather and fan. I like this. It's a doddle to knit and the yarn looks great.


Plenty of wool still left in the ball, or so I thought. Just to make sure, I weighed knitting and needle - 50g. OK; better weigh the rest of the yarn (plus the other needle in the interests of accuracy) - bugger, there's only 60g left. Plan A: rip and make a narrower scarf or Plan B: rip and find a plain yarn to match the Silkwood colors and knit alternate two- or four-row stripes of plain and hand dye. Do I have anything I can use in the stash? Nope. Hmmm.


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