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Scarf, episode 3

Scarf, episode 2

The feather and fan half-scarf is now unravelled and the yarn is wound ready to start again. I went to Peter Jones in Sloane Square this morning and bought three balls of Jaeger Matchmaker DK in shade 865 which matches the deepest purple in the hand dyed wool.


I probably didn't need to buy three balls; two will probably be enough but I'm not running out of yarn again! I'm going to try a sample worked in two-row stripes of alternate yarns; if that doesn't look right, I'll do four-row ones.

Gazing out of the bus window on the way to Sloane Square, I saw a jay flashing his beautiful plumage and several magpies strutting their stuff as well as squirrels, crows and a couple of blackbirds. There are lots of green spaces in South London - Streatham Common, Clapham Common, Battersea Park and Wandsworth Common are all fairly near where I live - and this area feels as though there are less buildings and more open spaces than over the river. North Londoners will probably disagree with me.....


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