Scarf, episode 3
Four generations of knitters

You know it's going to be a bad day when.... read a horoscope like this one:

'Your physical vitality is feeling extra strong today, dear Leo, although your thoughts may feel a little clouded'.

Extra strong vitality? Nah, nearly fell asleep over my cup of Darjeeling this morning. And I was still in bed. Clouded thoughts? Well, maybe that's a tad more accurate, but I don't know what's causing the clouding.....

My morning mood did not improve when colour proofs of my new book arrived in the post. This little number


is a close-up of a rather pretty baby blanket which has been lovingly photographed for the book accompanied by a cute baby with an even cuter soft toy. But (don't you just hate the 'but' word?) it's been photographed back to front so all you see is the wrong side of the blanket. Groan.

Repeat after me: Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow is another day.....


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