Thanks, Mr Postman....

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells...

...well, Disgusted of Streatham really. I want to talk banks and banking here. Paying money into one's account at the bank is usually only irritating on two mundane levels; the length of the queue and the time you have to wait in said queue. Fairly straightforward, yes? Today I found a new and greater irritation in the local branch of HSBC - piped radio. Yes, folks, HSBC Live Radio is coming to a branch near you soon. You, too, can be bombarded with music you don't want to listen to punctuated with puerile adverts for HSBC's financial services. Be warned; it's the thin end of the wedge.......


On a more cheerful note, the weather's been so warm lately that my indoor plants are growing like mad and Vancouver Centennial is flowering again. The spider plant on my loo windowsill is reaching huge proportions in spite of being hacked back a couple of months ago. Time for another snip, I think.


No, that's not really a London Tube map on the left of the photo - it's a print of Simon Patterson's lithograph The Great Bear.


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