Thanks, Mr Postman....
Simply the best


One thing I hate about knitting and crochet is finishing off yarn ends. This crochet shawl has been hanging around since last winter waiting for the ends and border to be sorted and I got round to doing both last night. Hoo-bloody-ray! I know I should deal with the ends as I go and not leave them until last, but I seem to be absolutely incapable of doing this.


The shawl's made out of odds and ends of pure wool DK, mainly Jaeger Matchmaker and Extra Fine Merino, in shades of purple, blue and green. It's getting so chilly that I'll welcome this draped round my shoulders in the evening, although I do echo Stephanie in feeling that most people look dorky wearing shawls..... Better dorky than cold, say I!


Love the shawl; completely gorgeous (although it has green in it, what's going on there??) and indeed the whole sofa arrangement... is that one on the top right one of your designs?

It's really a sort of jade; not a terribly greenish green! The cushion is one I designed for Classic Stitches years ago; ran riot with lots of complimentary skeins of Watercolors.

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