Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells...

Thanks, Mr Postman....

...for bringing me lots of goodies this morning. Debbie New's Unexpected Knitting from P&M Woolcraft and three of Jill Vosburg's patterns.


I've had time for a quick flick through the book; amazing knitting! I blame Yvonne for the Jill Vosburg patterns though <G>. I'd just nipped over to read what she's been blogging about lately and came across the link... I only ordered the patterns on Wednesday so that's pretty fast airmail post from the USA!


The last package to arrive was a huge cone of silver lurex chainette from an eBay seller. It's about DK thickness, feels very soft and cost £7.50 including postage. I only need about 50g of the 500 or so on the cone, but at that price, I couldn't resist.


I'm about halfway through my Silkwood scarf and it's looking rather gorgeous. In another 12 rows or so, I'll need to decide whether to keep on knitting or to stop, knit the second half and graft both pieces together. This will make the ends of the scarf match, but am I completely anal wanting to do this? I worry about being too much of a perfectionist......


Now you've discovered why I like doing business with Jill! I think I own all of her patterns and have knitted most of them.

Enjoy Debbie's book - I had the privelege to meet her a in 2002 and saw some of the items included in the book - I had to buy it as soon as it was published.

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