Felted pots
Easily pleased


Don't you just hate it when the postie pushes a sorry-you're-out-please-collect-the-package-from-the-sorting-office card through your door without ringing the doorbell first to see if you're at home? And you are at home. Hmmm.....

On a happier note, some parcels did make it through my front door this week. This is a box of rather lovely yarn from Yarn Forward in Canada.


Lopi, Light Lopi, nice sparkly stuff made by Lang and some different DK yarns; all destined for work projects, so not much in the way of purple!


This year, Amazon have supplied Christmas presents from me to myself. I usually buy myself a treat or two at this time of year after I've finished shopping for everyone else's presents; it might be yarn, books, music or whatever takes my fancy. This year's treats are series 1 and 2 of The West Wing on DVD and the first volume of John Eliot Gardiner's Bach Cantatas.

Streatham's looking really Christmassy with new decorations this year. They look much nicer in real life....



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