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Champing at the bit

There's nothing for myself on the needles (or the crochet hook) right now, just work stuff. That's one of the downsides about being freelance; when the work's there, you have to do it to the exclusion of everything else. I have lots of wonderful yarn tucked away and I've only got as far as making basic swatches in stocking stitch so I can see how the different yarns feel and behave when they're knitted up. Lots of swatches, actually, all nicely blocked and labelled.


And no time to do anything with them, even though they're my favourite colours - purple, grey and black. From left to right, Jamieson's Soft Shetland, Rowan Summer Tweed, Rowan All Seasons Cotton, Rowan Calmer, coned lambswool bought on eBay and Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed. I've got a pretty good idea what I'm going to make with each yarn, but for the time being, the pictures will have to stay in my imagination...

It's been an expensive few weeks here at Wibbo Towers, mainly down to a dead fridge freezer and a tooth coming off second best to a banana chip. Even at NHS rates, fixing the tooth cost almost as much as buying a new fridge. It's a nice fridge though (and frost-free); Flossie's already given it her seal of approval.



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