Happy New Year!
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Food for thought

In these days of retail therapy, I was amused by these quotes from Our Manners and Social Customs (1891).

"It is held to be unladylike to enter a store unless you have a real errand. To go in 'just to be going' is rude and unnecessarily annoying to the proprietor and clerks."

"It is a good idea to know what you want before you go into a store. To stand at the counter hesitating, or to be unable to tell the clerk what you came in for, is a doubtful compliment to yourself. If you cannot come to a decision, retire from the store until your mind is made up. The time of the clerks is valuable."

"Whisperings in a store are in very doubtful taste."

So, looks like browsing is out then?


Think I might have to adopt these (in a modified form) to add to my NY Resolutions!

Good idea; maybe we should apply them to internet use, especially during hours of darkness while browsing all those tempting yarn sites.....!

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