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Hercules and his labours

I seem to have shifted a huge backlog of work over the last couple of weeks. Think Labours of Hercules and you'll get the right idea. Although I haven't been blogging recently, I've taken photos of some rather nice stuff.


Two colours of Jaeger Luxury Tweed to add to the stash. I'm one of those odd people who drools over dark colours; grey, purple and black really set me off! This yarn's been discontinued, but I found some over at Cucumberpatch for £1.50 a ball and I just couldn't resist. Great yardage, merino lambswool and alpaca, dark colours - what more could I ask for?


Then there's this amazing Montezuma's chocolate Gav sent me. Handmade milk chocolate flavoured with strawberry and paprika, it tasted wonderful and incredibly rich. The postcard's interesting - a 1950's factory photograph. How times have changed!


A selection of knitting needles photographed on a really sunny day; the reason for the weird shadows. From left to right, we have vintage plastic from Oxfam, Susan Bates from a friend in the US, Swallow Timbergrains bought online from Australia, Bryspuns made in New Zealand and bought online from the US, bamboo and wooden needles that used to belong to my Mum.

I think the Bryspuns are my favourites; I love working with the long, tapering points which are brilliant for making tricky manoeuvres like P3tog. Swallow Timbergrains work well with those hard-on-your-hands yarns like Summer Tweed and Trinity and they come a very close second to the Bryspuns.


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