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Hard work

Saturday afternoon in town

I met up with Liz yesterday afternoon, intending to have lunch and go look at an exhibition. We had lunch and happily evaporated the rest of the afternoon sitting in a pub nattering. Liz knitted; I didn't; we both talked a lot. Liz brought me some lovely goodies from her SkipNorth trip as well as a skein of her own hand dyed cotton.


At the top, two balls of gorgeous mohair yarn and a pair of Surina wooden crochet hooks; at the bottom, Liz's yarn. I haven't tried out the hooks yet; the wood feels smooth and the hooks look a good shape so I think they'll work well.


Really curious about these needles, are they just beautiful to look at and hold or are they for a special technique?

They're for bog-standard crochet, but they're longer (and prettier) than the usual metal crochet hooks.

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