Spring's here?
It's Saturday...

Flashing stash

Yesterday was Flash Your Stash day. This is the only personal stash information I'm prepared to go public with; the size of my stash will remain a deep, dark secret......


I look at this and realise how anally retentive I am - the stash is listed, described and has a code letter that tells me exactly where it's stashed. Work stash, though, is less organised because it gets used up so quickly there's not much point in putting it away!

Stash_work_1   Stash_work_2   Stash_work_3   Stash_work_4

Most of my work stash is pure wool DK of various brands; a length of each colour is on my palette and a series of stock sheets tell me how much I have of each one. There's nothing worse than running out of a colour in the middle of a job!



drat! why is everyone else's stash so much better organised than mine ... :(

I'm wondering if it might be a personality quirk! My CD collection is in alphabetical order, my stash is organised but most other aspects of my life verge on the chaotic...

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