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It's Saturday...

...and I don't have any work to do! No impending deadlines, nothing's urgent; I can please myself for a change. First on the list of Nice Saturday Things To Do - buy some flowers.

Saturday_daffs   Saturday_vase

These are gorgeous; a really vibrant yellow with flashes of hot orange. They're in another of my favourite containers, a beautifully-shaped jug from a Swedish pottery, Nillsjo, with a dimpled green glaze. I've no idea how old the jug is and I know nothing about the pottery. I've Googled, but with no success.

What now? Probably a wander down to the library, a little gentle shopping, then feet up with a good book for the rest of the day. Oh, and possibly a smidgeon of chocolate later...


Sounds like we are on a similar wavelength about what makes a good saturday!

In my case the book of the day is your Ripple Stitch one and I've lots of new yarns to play with

Have fun! Oh, and post pics of your swatches ;-)

I'll second that Yvonne!

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