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Lost a few days

One of those nasty tummy bugs struck me down, meaning that this week ended rather suddenly on Wednesday lunchtime. I've started to feel marginally better today; think along the lines of 'alone and palely loitering' for an accurate description.


It's difficult to do anything with gusto at the moment, but before I was struck down (in my prime, so to speak, it was only the middle of the week) I took a pic of this book which had arrived earlier that morning. I've had my eye on it for a while and can report that there are some gorgeous buttons and fastenings in it, complete with good instructions and diagrams. I'm particularly taken with the Dorset buttons and the shirtwaist ones.


Sorry you've been under the weather ... nothing like a good book to get you back into the land of living. Looks yummy! When you're upto doing emails I wonder if you can tell me what you know about Jill Vosburg. I noticed on your blog that you had ordered stuff and love some of her patterns/yarns. Have tried to order but not getting a reply from her. Just wondering if you might know anything.

Sorry to hear you've been ill, hope you are feeling much better now. Also sorry I looked, your book recomendations are BAD for my wallet.....I'm off to Amazon NOW :-)


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