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Pattern: Shoalwater Shawl, Evelyn A. Clark for Fiber Trends

Yarn: Fibreworks Hand Dyed 5ply wool, colour 18, on 4.5mm circular needle

Gorgeous yarn and a beautifully-written pattern are easing the way into my first experience of knitting something large on a circular needle. It feels a really weird way of working to a dedicated stick-a-needle-under-the-arm knitter like me and I'm not totally convinced yet by the Denise needles. The points are good, nicely shaped, but I'm finding that the stitches catch and drag on the joins and don't move easily on the cable. I'll persevere, though, and let you know my verdict later....


Oh Jan i just LOVE that pattern, I'm waiting for Get Knitted to have it in stock!


That's where I bought mine from! It's a really great pattern to knit - not *too* taxing, but not really mindless knitting.

I like knitting large shawls on circulars and usually use 2, knitting off the stitches from one to the other on each round. This way you can move up from small DPN's to large circulars at a very early stage and rarely need other size needles. I find I can knit Pi shawls quite fast this way.This technique might help with a straight shawl.

Thanks, Judith, that's a really useful idea. I've moved the shawl to an Addi Turbo circ now and it feels much better than the Denise one; the stitches aren't catching and snagging on the joins.

I know lots who love their Denise needles - but I just know the joins would irritate me. Can't beat addis - they are just so beautiful to work with.

Sue, I think I'm now an Addi convert!

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