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Started my Clapotis last night. I'm not using stitch markers: the thought of having 18 of them jangling away on the needles was rather offputting. I'm purling the columns of dropped stitches instead. Lion & Lamb is lovely to knit with - soft, but substantial. Here's progress so far:


These arrived this morning. Stitch markers made by Sue of Knittiotherapy for her Breast Cancer Charity Fund - I bought them here. Aren't they pretty?



You will find that the Clapotis zips along without stitchmarkers but with the purl stitches. I like it that way as my fingers can feel the stitches and it just moves neatly along. Love the yarn but I have knitted 5 clapotis (I have daughters and their friends) successfully out of Jaeger Luxury Tweed, just needs a bit of tweaking to unravel and a few extra rows to make it the length and width you want. I worked out that to get to a minimum decent size ratio you need to use a rule of 5. Divide your yarn into 5, use 1/5th for the first cast on and increase section keep 1/5 for he cast off and decrease section and use 3/5 for the middle section BUT always end sections on the rows indicated in the pattern and this formula always works. If you want it longer then you can add more in the middle section BUT the rule of 5 gives you a good balanced shape.Have fun.

Judith, thank you for all this useful info! I'm about halfway through and definitely thinking about knitting another one; perhaps a wool one for winter.

Glad to be of help. If I remember correctly you are also a fan of jaeger luxury tweed. I can make a clapotis of good length from 200g but if you use 250g it is a bit fuller and longer and great a warm wrap.Just divide the yarn by 5 ( I use scales but do not cut the yarn up just balance it on them )and it will work.

Thanks again Judith! It's useful to know amounts and you're right, I do have some of the tweed yarn stashed away.

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