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Socks and shawls


My first sock's almost done; just a bit more of the foot to knit, then the toe to negotiate. I'm fairly pleased so far, although the picking up along the heel flap could be neater. I have to say that I'm now totally sold on knitting with two circs!

The book in the photo came from eBay and it's got some lovely designs inside. I already have the cover shawl Lotus Blossom Lace; a present knitted by Liz for my birthday last year.

Lotus_blossom_lace_shawl_6    Lotus_blossom_lace_detail    Lotus_blossom_lace_shawl_bag

It's knitted in a cashmere/lambswool yarn (Oh, no! Not purple again....) and when not being worn, lives in a vintage nightdress case embroidered with hyacinths.

The fun part

I've finished knitting Clapotis; now for the fun part of unravelling the ladders!


I'm really pleased with it apart from one thing. My gauge was spot on, but I needed 4 skeins of Lion & Lamb not the 3 specified on the pattern. I've got about half a skein left over. Probably not The Most Expensive Clapotis in the world, but using yarn that cost £16 a skein, it feels rather like that to me.


I'm taking time out from work to have a delicious cup of tea (a single estate Darjeeling from The Hampstead Tea and Coffee Co) and put my feet up for a few minutes. Yesterday, I bought some of my favourite fruit.


Blood oranges. They're equally delicious; it's a shame about the unappetising name!

Russian jewellery

Liz and I went to see this exhibition yesterday.


Apart from the showroom being thronged with over-coiffed Ladies Who Lunch speaking with plums in their mouths, it was stunning! Well worth a visit if you're in town over the next few days. More details are here. And yes, some KIPing of socks did take place after lunch in the pub, but I was a bad blogger and forgot to take my camera...

Progress report

I've managed to knit a fair bit in the evenings this week. It's lovely not to have any urgent work knitting or crochet to get through - don't know how long this will last, so I'm making the most of it.

Clapotis is at the halfway point. I've changed from straights to an Addi Turbo as it's feeling heavy now and knitting on straights was making my arms ache. Colour, as ever, is nicer in real life; much darker and richer. My camera just doesn't seem to handle purples very well.


I also got a bit further with my first sock and I think I'm beginning to feel the start of Sock Addiction! Working on two circs is surprisingly comfortable and so far, the knitting's completely ladderless. Or should I say 'so far, so good'? Still have scary things like heels, gussets, toes to work out.


Cast on

Started my Clapotis last night. I'm not using stitch markers: the thought of having 18 of them jangling away on the needles was rather offputting. I'm purling the columns of dropped stitches instead. Lion & Lamb is lovely to knit with - soft, but substantial. Here's progress so far:


These arrived this morning. Stitch markers made by Sue of Knittiotherapy for her Breast Cancer Charity Fund - I bought them here. Aren't they pretty?


Psst! A word in your ear...

Are you reading this on a computer that has un-backed-up files on it? If you are, go and back them up right now. I had a power failure at the weekend which corrupted the software on this machine, in spite of having a surge protector. I've now reinstalled Windows and have lost a fair few files - work stuff is backed up, but I have to admit that I've been fairly sloppy with my personal stuff.

On a happier note, this arrived today.


I've lost my heart to a new yarn, Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb. This is the Black Purl colourway from Get Knitted to make Clapotis from Knitty. I've finished the Shoalwater Shoal (pics to come when it's blocked) and thought this would be good to knit next. I can hardly wait to cast on.....