The fun part
I can't believe it's Sunday already!

Socks and shawls


My first sock's almost done; just a bit more of the foot to knit, then the toe to negotiate. I'm fairly pleased so far, although the picking up along the heel flap could be neater. I have to say that I'm now totally sold on knitting with two circs!

The book in the photo came from eBay and it's got some lovely designs inside. I already have the cover shawl Lotus Blossom Lace; a present knitted by Liz for my birthday last year.

Lotus_blossom_lace_shawl_6    Lotus_blossom_lace_detail    Lotus_blossom_lace_shawl_bag

It's knitted in a cashmere/lambswool yarn (Oh, no! Not purple again....) and when not being worn, lives in a vintage nightdress case embroidered with hyacinths.


Shawls and Scarves is a great book. To follow a one track theme here I am currently knitting the Featherweight Fantasy from the book in Jaeger Luxury Tweed on 6mm needles and it is lovely.

Oooh! That sounds gorgeous; must go check how much Luxury Tweed I've got in the stash!

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