First sock
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Progress report

I've managed to knit a fair bit in the evenings this week. It's lovely not to have any urgent work knitting or crochet to get through - don't know how long this will last, so I'm making the most of it.

Clapotis is at the halfway point. I've changed from straights to an Addi Turbo as it's feeling heavy now and knitting on straights was making my arms ache. Colour, as ever, is nicer in real life; much darker and richer. My camera just doesn't seem to handle purples very well.


I also got a bit further with my first sock and I think I'm beginning to feel the start of Sock Addiction! Working on two circs is surprisingly comfortable and so far, the knitting's completely ladderless. Or should I say 'so far, so good'? Still have scary things like heels, gussets, toes to work out.



We eagerly await the 'ripple sock' pattern ;-)

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