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Kerrie of Hipknits is running a '30 things about me' contest in honour of her birthday. Here are my 30.

1 I'm an only child.

2 According to others, being an only child has made me somewhat self sufficient and inclined to be a little secretive. No, really?

3 Both my parents were schoolteachers and I never, ever wanted to follow in their footsteps.

4 I was born and brought up in Yorkshire.

5 I did textiles and embroidery at Goldsmiths after a foundation course at Leicester College of Art and Design and year or so of graphics at the London College of Printing.

6 I have been married twice - never again!

7 My son Chris is the community gardener at The Phoenix Garden.

8 I live in a 1930's flat overlooking the A23 London to Brighton road and there's always something to watch out of the window.

9 I hate, loathe and detest hot weather and feel happiest in the winter.

10 My favourite perfumes are Guerlain's Mitsouko and Lancome's Attraction. They're both fairly light; heavy perfumes give me a headache, especially those based on roses.

11 I like cats and only have one right now. I've thought about getting a kitten to keep Flossie company, but she likes being an only cat and at the centre of any attention that's going.

12 My Dad died when I was 21 and I still miss him.

13 Since I got older, I realise that I'm gradually turning into my mother. I didn't think I would!

14 I read a lot. Crime fiction, historical fiction and non-fiction, biographies, fantasy and Sci Fi, labels on jars and packets, anything that has words on it.

15 I harbour a secret desire to be an Egyptologist.

16 I wear a lot of black clothes; have done since I was at art school. Just call me the Henry Ford of fashion.....

17 I don't own any shoes. I wear Birkenstock sandals in summer, Birkenstock clogs in winter and get them rebuilt when they start to wear out.

18 Unlike shoes, I have lots of bags. Mainly black, but I occasionally sport a bright pink Kipling bag.

19 I eat more or less anything, apart from seafood with tentacles.

20 Favourites in the fruit and veg line are blood oranges, bananas, nectarines, seedless grapes and cherries; potatoes, shallots, fresh broad beans, carrots and parsnips.

21 I eat and enjoy any kind of cheese as long as it hasn't come from a goat.

22 I was a strict vegetarian for about 12 years until the idea of eating a bacon sandwich became irresistable.

23 I have the same breakfast every day - homemade muesli with fruit and natural yogurt.

24 Even though I love the sea, I can't swim.

25 I've known my oldest friend for nearly 50 years; we talk at least twice a week.

26 I knit and crochet.

27 I'm a football fan, but I try hard not to bore friends with my obsession.

28 I hate being late for anything and spend a lot of my life waiting for people to turn up or events to begin.

29 Since I've started knitting socks, I realise that time spent waiting has now become valuable knitting time.

30 I don't have a television. Life's too short to spend it watching a box.


#24, me too!!!!


I match seven of your list
does that mean something?

Ah, but which seven do you match? Probably 13, 24 and 26 but can't guess the others!

Actually its eight!
1, 2, 13, 19, 20, 24, 26, 28

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