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Floral interlude

I love scented pelargoniums. As well as being easy to grow indoors or outside, they have the dual bonus of having pretty flowers as well as scented foliage. My favourites are those with rose or citrus scents; the balsam and mint ones are a bit too niffy for me.

Peters_luck    Candy_dancer

Attar_of_roses    Copthorne

Top row, left to right: Peter's Luck and Candy Dancer. Bottom row, left to right: Attar of Roses and Copthorne.

Balcony_left    Balcony_right

This is what they look like in situ. I can't really call this a balcony; it's a narrow strip of concrete outside my kitchen door - four floors up the fire escape and overlooking the car park.


Just to update you I have finished Featherweight Fantasy from Knitter's Shawls and Scarves. I used just less than 160g ( ie just over 3 balls ) of Jaeger Luxury Tweed on 6mm needles. I did not fringe the edges but worked a 4 row picot edge at each end for stability and I knit 6 pattern repeats. I also colour coded the chart to help my eyesight! It is blocking now and I think will be about 55cm wide and 2.40m long. It is to be a graduation present for my youngest daughter. All in all an excellent finish I think and I can really recommend this yarn and pattern combination. It is a lovely pattern and a quick and spectacular knit.

Judith, it sounds lovely! The Luxury Tweed has great yardage - lots of yarn for your money. I like that. It's been so hot in London over the last few days that I can't face knitting anything in wool apart from socks, but I'm planning this winter's knitting in my head.

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