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I can't believe it's Sunday already!

Had rather a weird week or so; been really busy but I don't seem to have achieved much. Flossie (that's Madam there on the left) spent a couple of days at the Vet having tests, all of which came back negative, thank goodness. Flossie doesn't do Going to See the Vet very well; she's an indoor cat and gets freaked out with the noisy six or so minute journey down the main road and then there's the Dreadfull Scent of Vet (sort of a floral, slightly disinfectantly clean smell) to cope with when we get there. She's OK now and is happily wolfing down her one-a-day antibiotic tablets concealed in tinned food; a treat since she usually gets the same all-in-one dry stuff every day.

On the knitting front, I've finished my first sock. It's not bad for a first go, but I don't like the heel very much; rather thick and ugly. The grafted toe is fine - I used Lucy Neatby's 'toe chimney' method of working several rows with waste yarn, tucking them down inside the toe, grafting the stitches then pulling out the waste yarn. On the left is the sock, ready to graft.

First_sock_4_toe_ready_to_graft_1    Socks_awaiting_heels

On the right, are a pair of new socks (same yarn as the first sock; I bought a bag of it really cheaply a while ago) waiting for me to make a decision about what sort of heel to knit instead of the one out of 'Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles' that I used for the first sock. Lately I've been using very narrow ribbon instead of waste yarn to hold stitches; it's stronger than yarn, slippery and doesn't break at inconvenient moments. I have already knitted several different heels on one of the socks and ripped out each one as none of them have been, er, quite right. Perfectionist? Me? Hmmm. Back to the drawing board...

Leaf_lace_shawl_with_pattern    Leaf_lace_shawl_detail

While I'm getting round to making heel decisions, I've started another shawl. This is the Leaf Lace Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark from Fiber Trends knitted in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, colourway Blueberry Hill. It's a mixture of purple, rusty maroon, teal green with a touch of blue and the yarn knits up beautifully.


Ooh; that CHT is *pretty*. Can't wait to see what it looks like blocked out...

CTH is lovely to knit with as well. It's on hold at the moment - far too hot to have a large woolly thing draped across my lap!

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