Purpley goodness
Here's one I made earlier...

More stash from Stash

Met up with Liz yesterday for a trip to Stash Yarns. Liz had a pretty awful journey getting to Putney from Waterbeach; I got in some extra sock knitting while waiting for her at East Putney tube.

This was Liz's first visit to Stash and she agreed with me (and countless other bloggers who've already been there) that it's a terrific shop. We sat on comfy chairs, fondled yarn, nattered a lot, did some knitting of our own, swatched a couple of new yarns and generally had a great knitterly time. After Stash, we had a rather good pub lunch and, er, nattered some more. I restrained my usual impulse to buy everything on the shelves in Stash and came home with just two skeins of this.


Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the Pin Stripe colourway. I love grey, especially shades of grey which are cool, blue-toned ones like these.


I've just made my 3rd trip in 3 weeks and 3rd set of purchases - that shop needs to carry a warning sign!

Have to admit that it was my 3rd trip/3rd spend yesterday; it's such a pleasant way to get rid of money!

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