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It's hot today. I don't do hot weather very well.


Once the studio reaches 30C, it's time to go sit somewhere cooler. A few pictures first, though. I KIPed on Saturday to mark World Wide Knitting in Public day and worked on a sock during the bus journeys to and from Clapham Junction. This was a rather, erm, sweaty experience, given the weather, but at least I've finally finished the socks that made a previous appearance here. I'm fairly happy with the heels and the socks match (not by design, have to admit that this was purely accidental).

Finished_socks    Bargain_birks_1

Next to the socks are a pair of Birkenstocks; 20 quid from TKMaxx in Clapham Junction and they're a rather nice shade of purple leather. Woohoo!


Flossie's too hot as well. She's spent most of the day stretched out trying to keep cool in front of a tower fan; now she's skulking behind the curtains. She's an expert skulker.


Liz (who pointed me in the direction of your blog) lent me her copy of "200 crochet blocks" last week and I didn't want to drool all over it, so my husband bought me my own as a pressie and it arrived today and I'm terribly excited! I'm a crochet noob, envious of all those lovely straight edges ...

Hi, E-J! Take it from me, blocking each square before joining them together helps enormously with the edges. Blocking's fiddly, but well worth the effort. Have fun!

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