I can't believe it's Sunday already!
Floral interlude

Stash and stash

Stash Yarns opened today in Putney, so I couldn't resist going over there to have a look add to my stash. Just feast your eyes on all this yarn...


That's Nathalie (left) and Michelle (right) standing in front of rather a lot of Koigu. They own Stash Yarns; lucky ladies being surrounded by all that glorious colour! More pics of the shop below.

Stash_2    Stash_3_1

I can't show everything I bought as some things are intended for presents. Below (left to right) are a Susan Bates Knit Chek, two colours of Koigu, some cashmere DK and Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted. Lots of purple again; I'm so predictable at times!



Any one know how to get drool out of a keyboard? That is some shop!

It is some shop! I managed not to make happy whimpering noises while I was fondling the yarns......

Wow. I'm half really unhappy I didn't know you were going yesterday - had a day off - and half very relieved! It looks fabulous!

Wasn't it fantastic? I can't wait to go again.

I can't wait to go again, either! Just like a kid in a toyshop...

Ooh...! I'm planning a trip with the other Flossie, and can't wait to touch all that fibery goodness ;)

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