Moaning about hot weather

I went to buy buttons

...and came home with some of this.

Iro    Iro_2

It's Iro, colour 54, found lurking at half price in the sale bins at Peter Jones. After I'd picked through the bins and rejected the skeins that were predominantly red and brown, I found enough similar skeins to knit some kind of jacket/big cardy. I like Iro better than most Noro yarns - it's nicer to knit with and has less twiggy bits in it than some of the other yarns - but I don't usually buy it at full price as it's way too expensive for the yardage. There were half-price skeins of Transitions in the sale as well, but the colours were very pale and didn't scream 'buy me'. Just as well, really. Oh, and I did remember to buy the buttons.


y'know, that's a really dangerous opening line ...! (I know, I'm sure I've used it myself!)

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