Colour-coordinated clutter

Socks at Stash

Liz and I had another stash trip to Stash Yarns yesterday. Enjoying their wonderful AC, we hung out and knitted with Nathalie, Nic, Jill and Dawn and petted lots of new yarns. Purely by accident, all six of us were knitting socks; three using dpns, two using two circulars and one using the magic loop technique on one long circular. If I'd been a good blogger remembered to shove my camera in my backpack before leaving home, there'd be lots of sock knitting pictures here. You'll have to make do with seeing what I brought home.

Fleece_artist    Dyed_regia

Above left: Addi bamboo circulars (recommended by Nathalie -- she loves them), a great book on shawl knitting, Crystal Palace Little Flowers in a purple, lavender and green colourway, Fleece Artist Merino Wool in, er, purples. To complete a colourful day, Liz brought back some sock yarn for me that she'd overdyed in beautiful berry colours (above right). The yarn originally came from a pot-luck kilo of Regia I bought from an eBay seller in Germany. I liked nine of the ten colours, but hated this one which was originally white with tiny splashes of pastel colours - there's a length of the original yarn attached to the label.


LOVE the overdyed yarn!

It looks lovely in real life - Liz is great at dyeing!

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