Birthday, Episode 2
Wags or bogs?

Cat and cats

It must be nice to be a cat; well, to be my cat in particular. Flossie gets nice food, comfy places to sleep, an immaculately clean litter tray, toys and all she has to do in return is to lie around in the sun looking decorative. Nice work if you can get it....

Bank_hol_flossie_1    Bank_hol_flossie_2

Bank_hol_flossie_3    Lea_stein_brooches

The last pic is of two Lea Stein brooches; my treat to myself.


'The sun shines on the right-puss'?
First time I've seen a purple Lea Stein!!!!!

I won't ask where you got it......

Sue, taking the scissors to her credit card....

John Lewis, of all places! They have a very nice selection of secondhand jewellery - you pay top whack pricewise though. I hadn't seen a purple cat before either. Be warned, new stock of secondhand stuff is usually put out on Thursdays.....

Fortunatley(?) I have a cold so will not be venturing into town!
Staying indoors making wild thing for my secret pal!

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