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Birthday, Episode 1

This and that...

Lots of nice things have been thundering through the letterbox at Wibbo Towers lately.

Woolly_wormhead_handspun    August_sock_yarn

A skein of Ruth's hand-spun (so soft, gorgeous colours) and this month's skein of cashmere/merino Sock Club yarn (so soft, gorgeous colours, er, again) from Posh Yarn.

Twister    Wpi

Twister sock yarn from a German eBay seller (a 100g ball of each of the ten colours in the range cost me a smidge under £35 including delivery), Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock bought on sale at Get Knitted, a wraps-per-inch winding tool from The Flying Ewe (I've always wanted one of these).

Needle_arts_1    Needle_arts_2

I rather blame Dawn for the final purchase, but she's right, it's a must-have book for a shawl knitter in spite of the dull cover and the black and white photos. It's packed full of wonderful shawl and scarf patterns. I bought it from the Needle Arts Book Shop in Canada and it arrived in three days. There were three packs of free stitch markers and a bookplate tucked in the parcel, all nicely tied together with green and purple ribbons. I'm going to weld my wallet shut now! It's time to start saving up for Ally Pally.

Guest_star    Tadek_beutlich

Guest-starring this week are a rather handsome feline, Maximilian Schnell (Mac for short), and a postcard of one of Tadek Beutlich's wrapped pieces from the late 1980's. Yarn, cats and culture, what more could anyone want?


I frequently blame Dawn for my purchases - isn't Marsha a pleasure to do business with.

I've got 2 shows to get through before Ally Pally, I'm thinking of locking my credit cards in the safe at work

Ah, so Dawn has a track record of enabling, has she? She's very good at it! Best of luck with the credit cards and enjoy the shows...

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