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This sock's not for knitting

I'm getting a bit fed up with this sock. The yarn's Trekking XXL in shades of grey and cream, standard sock weight, and I started knitting with my usual needles, 2.5mm Addis, on 60 stitches. The knitting on the cuff looked rather loose and I thought the yarn felt slightly thinner than Regia or Opal. OK; frog and start again with 64 stitches and smaller needles. Oh, and let's do a diddy basketweave pattern instead of stocking stitch. So far, so good.


I got in a lot of sock knitting yesterday - bus journeys from Streatham to Clerkenwell to Battersea to Clapham Junction to Putney and back to Streatham - as well as a couple of hours knitting and chatting (but not spending) in Stash Yarns. I tried the sock on last night and it's too small. B*****, it makes you want to spit. I'm now wondering whether to call a truce, stuff it with catnip and give it to Madam....


Oh dear, it was looking so nice. I'd frog it and put it away for a few months, then knit a plain, larger sock.
BTW I've ordered some chocolate heavy laceweight cashmere from ebay!

How frustrating but would be a shame not to use such a pretty yarn on a sock for yourself x

Yeah, the sock's now frogged and I think I'll put the yarn away for later and knit something else. Sorry about tempting you with the eBay cashmere, Dawn!

Pity, because it was a good colour-way. I've bought some Trekking, haven't used it, will try 64 sts. on 2.25 needles.


Just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you again last night, and spend time with such a lovely friendly group of knitters :o)

I'm off to Newcastle for the weekend, but I'm sure I'll see you in Stash in the not too distant future!

Alice x

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