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Arty sock yarn


Anticipation is, I think, a good thing when it's not tinged with apprehension. I get as much pleasure anticipating reading the pile of books by my bedside


as I do wondering what to knit with this month's mouthwatering Sock Club yarn from Posh Yarn.

Sock_club_october_1    Sock_club_october_2_1

I'm also anticipating going to Ally Pally on Thursday and Saturday; more to meet up with old friends, knit and chat rather than for the shopping. I haven't made an Ally Pally shopping list and I'm not intending to buy anything (shock, horror, hold the front page..). I'm planning to leave my plastic at home and take a little cash, just in case.

Chinese_pincushion_detail    Chinese_pincushion

Isn't this pincushion great? Sue brought it back for me from her last trip to China and it's far too pretty to stick pins in. The fabric colour is much richer in real life.

I was in Stash Yarns yesterday for a little knitting and chatting. Nathalie showed me her Print O' the Wave Stole knitted in the softest cream-coloured Sea Silk. The stole is gorgeous and your grafting looks fine, Nathalie! I bought a skein of Helen's Lace in the so-hard-to-resist Black Purl colourway. I haven't quite decided what to make with it; the Leaf Lace Shawl is about 10 rows from being finished and I rather fancy the challenge of casting on one of Miriam Felton's shawls next.


Stick pins in it!!! I didn't go seeking it out for you - for you not to make use of it...

I will stick pins in it soon - once the lovely shiny newness has worn off...

Ah, I wanted to come to Stash yesterday, but I'm on crutches at the moment, and was feeling tired yesterday. I LOVE the black pearl colourway, it's beautiful. I'll be at Ally Pally on Sunday, but I'm sure I'll see you in Stash soon!

Thanks for the encouragement on the grafting. It's blocking now and you can hardly see the grafting anymore. (or at least it isn't jumping out at you) I am trying to be patient and wait long enough before taking it off the wires and pins. Have fun at Ally Pally and see you when I get back.

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