Two days in knitters' paradise
A long way down memory lane


It's my mission to collect all photos taken, including the video, post them together just to show how dorky you look in Hats!!

There's some new DK Wensleydale soaking from it's raw state in the bathroom, ready to be dyed up as a special thank you present....

I know already; seriously dorky! Wensleydale sounds good....

Brilliant video! I'm glad that you also managed to significantly increase the sock stash. I see you bought up all of the purple shades!

Sorry I missed you at Ally Pally on Thursday. I was touring the show with a stitcher and so got quite a different view of it. I went back on Sunday to knit! So glad to have found your blog.

Loved the video - remind me to run in the opposite direction next time I see Sue with a camera! My own pictures are quite tame!

I've finally realised why I could not find any purple yarn at the show.

Thanks for all your help it was greatly appreciated

And you seemed so quiet when I first met you! Clearly a woman of hidden depths.

The video and the photos are wonderful. I have forwarded them to Beth for a look.

Didn't we have great fun:)

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