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New yarn; good colours...

I have complained bitterly about the lack of a good colour range in DK weight pure wool, so I'm really pleased with the new Rowan Pure Wool DK. I bought one ball in a few of the colours, purely in the interests of research, you understand.


The yarn feels soft and non-scratchy and the colour range isn't bad at all. Colours in the photo are rather washed out - they're brighter in real life. Decent yardage too; 125m (136yds) in a 50g ball for £3.25.


lovely colours:)

i was so happy to see the Rowan Pure Wool DK range too. I had hopes that Debbie Bliss would expand her DK range, but pity that didn't happen.

Research... right... :-D

Yes, research is a good word, covers everything! Where did you get it, may I ask? I found a shop in West Ealing that sells Sublime, if you want to do some more research.....

I ordered it from English Yarns (link in the sidebar) who are excellent for mail order Rowan/Jaeger. I'm not sure about the Sublime yarns - the colours look a bit, er, pale and safe. And they don't look as though they do a decent purple...

I keep meaning to buy some. let's hope Rowan keep this yarn for several seasons. Is this going into your stash or will you be experimenting with it in the near future?

It'll probably go into my work stash - talking about stash, are you planning to be at Stash on Saturday? If you are, I'll bring along a ball of the DK.

Hi Jan,

Neither Dawn nor I will be at Stash on Saturday - I have a social engagement (doesn't that sound posh....) and she is at the stash flat. I'll definitely be there the following Sat, though, to see Louisa Harding. Sublime - I'm doing baby things with it, but there is an aran vest thing I fancy. I saw the shade card in the shop, and there was a wider range in colours in dk and aran (I'm almost sure) than there is at getknitted.......though I can't swear to purple.....

Thanks Jill, enjoy your 'social engagement'! Probably see you at Stash the following Saturday.

That DK does look gorgeous - and I totally agree a good basic range plus change the 'fashion' shades is a sensible logical approach.

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