When knitting becomes an obsession

Royal Mail rant

I was going to call this post 'Fun and games with Royal Mail' but it's been neither funny or a game. I ask you, how difficult is it to accept a package in Manchester and deliver it to the right address in London? Not that difficult, you would have thought, we're not talking complicated here...

To cut the story short, Royal Mail managed to lose two cones of black indigo denim yarn I bought on eBay a couple of weeks ago. A stonking big black mark to Royal Mail, but the eBay seller was terrific and replaced the yarn without a quibble. He sells really good indigo denim yarn and I'll definitely buy from him again.

OK, rant over; back to work....


Have you used the yarn yet? Not that I need any, of course.

Not yet! I keep thinking about knitting a swatch but get sidetracked by socks and other stuff. I'll wind off a bit for you and bring it next time I visit Stash...

Ah the P.O ...a bunch of idiots if ever there was one.I have had a few parcels go missing and I am in all day most days . I have watched some very bizzare goings on just from temporary foot posties..you don't want to know !

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