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Nov_5_sunset    Nov_5_sunset_later

Pics taken a few minutes apart through the studio window; the sky has now darkened to deep carmine/crimson.

It's been one of those catching-up-with-chores weekends. I have clean clothes, food in the fridge and a fairly clean flat for a change. Just the washing-up to finish, then I'm done!

On the knitting front, I'm making a couple of scarves for Xmas presents (no pics as the recipients are blog readers) and I'm about halfway through Polly's Kiri Shawl in Rowan 4ply Soft for me. The yarn's a nice mid blue (bit of a change from purple) and it was reduced to £2 a ball at Get Knitted. It's got great yardage (175m per ball), is soft 100% merino wool and you get a lot of knitting for your money! On the lots-for-your-money theme, some Knit Picks Options needles and colour cards arrived this week, thanks to a friend in the US who sent them on to me. It's really annoying that Knit Picks only deliver to addresses in the US and Canada....

Knitpicks_are_pointy    Knitpicks_options

Aren't the tips nice and pointy? Purple cables too....

Knitpicks_gossamer_shimmer    Knitpicks_shadow_palette

I like the colour cards - nice idea to have little knitted samples for the multi-coloured yarns.


Do tell what they are like to knit with - I can't get on with the Denise ones. And how lovely to see the little knitted squares instead of half an inch of wool.....

PS sorry not to see you at Stash yesterday afternoon.

I'd love to know how the needles are, and what a pathetic excuse not to ship overseas, grrrr, don't get me started. The sunset was brilliant, and just after I'd noticed it,so did the commentator on the England/NZ rugby match at Twickenham!


I MUST remember to take my camera to work, sometimes the 'Sunrise Over Sydenham' is breathtaking

Wasn't that sunset spectacular? I managed to catch it in the West Midlands too!

Hello! nice meeting you the other night.

I've been wondering about the knit picks needles, I have a friend who could send them to me. Could you let me know how you find them :-)

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