No exciting knitting happening here

Well, nothing exciting that I can blog about; all the exciting stuff is either work- or Christmas-related. After making several of these, I cast on a shawl which is the same stashbusting idea but bigger and triangular in shape - a snug-it-over-your-knees-when-it-gets-chilly sort of shawl. The shape came from here, but I realised (after a couple of evenings of knitting and denial) that I hated the straggly fringe thing happening down the sides. I didn't like how the fringe looked or its potential for having a red rag effect on a small black cat who loves dangly things. I frogged and started again, this time making tiny knots to join the yarns like I did for the scarves. Ditto the knitting, dislike, denial and eventual frogging. Desperate to avoid a sewing-in-of-ends scenario, I've finally settled on knitting the ends in by working six or seven stitches using both yarns. I don't know whether I was being a ditherer or merely a perfectionist (groan - and yes, I do sort my CDs into separate categories...and arrange them in alphabetical order inside each category...) but I'm fairly happy with version 3. It's coming along nicely now...

Stash_shawl_purples    Stash_shawl_detail


It's looking lovely, with the added bonus of (I hope) being a stashbuster!

looks wonderful:)

Ooh. Pretty... I'm not going to ask about how much purple stash you have; glass houses, and all that...

Just my sort of colours......

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