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I'm knitting a pair of wristers after seeing Dawn's pair on Saturday at Stash Yarns where Jill was knitting some in Shepherd Worsted. Polly's pair are now finished; mine are taking a little longer. I frogged wrister #1 yesterday (didn't like the Kf&b increases or that the bottom bands of rib was K2, P1 and the top band K2, P2 and so didn't match), fiddled with the pattern and reknitted #1 plus about half of #2. Dawn and Polly added thumbs to their wristers, I didn't.

Wrister_1    Wrister_2

They're knitted in Malabrigo Merino, colourway Violettas, and the yarn colour is fairly accurate in the first pic. The second pic is testament to my inability to get to grips with the 3.75mm dpns I bought to knit the yarn. I struggled with them for about half a cuff, muttering uncomplimentary things about porcupines and other spiky things (being polite here), frogged the cuff (messy, ladders) and started again on two circs. Much more comfortable to hold, no ladders and my knitting looks better!

Dawn brought her copy of this into Stash


It's one of the nicest knitting books I've seen - I reckon that I'd be happy wearing about 90% of the designs which range from easy to seriously challenging. It's a Big Glossy Book (26cm x 28cm), beautifully photographed in and around Cambridge (that's Cambridge, UK, in case you're wondering) and with lots of extras to help the chart-phobic amongst us. I'd already ordered it from The Book Depository and my copy arrived this morning. If you like knitting lacy shawls and wraps, this book is a must-have.


Glad to see the Wristers are coming along nicely! Sorry to hear about your dpns misery. Some people are destined to never use dpns, thank goodness for circulars! I'm resisting opening my lace book for another 10 days, so that I can finish the gift knitting!

You all have me doing these too!
They look great. We'll have to do a group photo!

oh my ... yours turned out nice too. I like that colourway.

I know what you mean about the inconsistent ribbing too. It bothered me a bit but not as much as the increases in the thumb gusset offsetting the purl ribbing by 1 row. 2 can make 2 pairs out of a ball of malabrigo with about 9 inches of yarn left... just saying

I weighed the finished pair - 44g - would be heavier with thumbs! I noticed the offset thing too, but not until I'd reknitted #1 and couldn't face the thought of more frogging. I'm going to fiddle with the bottom of the thumb on the next pair....

nice wristers! I'm currently knitting some fingerless mitts using the Opal Hundertwasser that you so naughtily/kindly directed me to. A thousand thank yous! Most interested to see that the Victorian Lace book is shot in Cambridge, have been to the XRX website and realise that the contents page features (in the background) the University Centre (aka the grad pad) where most of the Cambridge KTog meetings take place. Off to the book depot now, you've led me astray/made me very happy again...

Everyone's gone wrister crazy! I like your thumbless version and a very nice colourway too. I am waiting on my copy of Victorian Lace - looks very good.

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