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Those resolution thingies...

I don't usually do resolutions, but the increasing size of my stash and the regular smoking of my plastic throughout 2006 prompts me to have a go at this in 2007


I'll try to stick to the rules on the Wendy Knits blog, well, that's the plan anyway! I know that Liz is going for it and I'm also going to pinch her idea and do a spreadsheet of my stash. That will be fairly scary. There are still about 6 hours to go before midnight; perhaps a little pottering around the internet is called for....

Christmas knitterly stuff to follow!

Soggy shawl

This large mass of wet knitting is dominating my living room floor.

Shawl_one_end    Shawl_more_of_it

The stash shawl is blocking - it's face down and the ends will get trimmed after it dries. If it ever does. Dry, that is. It's huge as well as wet; 2m 40cm by 96cm (that's about 95in by 38in in real money). Not bad for something made from left-over bits of yarn.

Madam Floss was posing nicely on her favourite cushion; I grabbed the camera and she decided it was time to wash.

Flossie_black_blob    Flossie_still_washing

You've heard of Wash & Go; this was more like Wash & Ignore. Groan....

New needles

Purely in the interests of research (my story and I'm sticking to it), I've been trying out some new needles.


These circs came from The Knitting Zone. The metal ones are made from stainless steel; the others are resin-soaked bamboo and both types are nice and pointy, have smooth joins and come in size 2.25mm which is good for knitting socks.


I'm a bit of a fan of flexi needles. These came from Scottish Fibres and they're made in Germany from either rosewood, ebony or bamboo. I haven't had time to swatch anything with them yet, but they feel very promising!


First frost of the winter iced the rooftops this morning; first time the flat's felt cold enough to have the heating on all day; first time I've got my head above water since last weekend... I had a busy working week punctuated by the annual visit to see my accountant, a book photo session and an evening in town with Liz. By the time Saturday arrived, I was ready for a trip to Stash Yarns for a little gentle knitting, tea drinking and nattering with the usual suspects regulars.

Today, I'm attempting to make order out of the chaos that's my studio (guess what, no flat surfaces left to work on..) bribing myself with the promise of some knitting for myself this evening. I want to make another pair of these and had intended to use some brown Malabrigo


but I came across this skein earlier and changed my mind.


72m of Ruth's handspun merino - lovely and soft, perfect for wearing on my hands and it's won out over the Malabrigo. Ms Wormhead has a great hat design in the new Knitty - I love it (shame about my hat-wearing phobia...) as well as several of the other new Knitty designs including this and this. Oh, well, back to shuffling clutter...