Soggy shawl
Those resolution thingies...


Merry Christmas Wibbo!! Your Elf dance has made my morning!! Glad to see you are still 'sprightly' after all those hours of knitting.

Great! - really gave me a laugh to start the day with!

Thank you :-)
Any chance of seeing it in real life ?

absolutely hilarious!

I love it :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New for 2006.

Now I know what you get up to when you are not knitting or crocheting!

Julie xxx

Sorry it should have read
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2007!
Julie xxxxxx

That is so funny. The hat looks great on you!

Great!! Good for a giggle. Next time I meet you at Stash - can we have a repeat of the dance please:)

Happy New Year to you

That is the best thing I have seen all xmas. And a happy new year to you!

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