Cats & Christmas
Merry Christmas!

Soggy shawl

This large mass of wet knitting is dominating my living room floor.

Shawl_one_end    Shawl_more_of_it

The stash shawl is blocking - it's face down and the ends will get trimmed after it dries. If it ever does. Dry, that is. It's huge as well as wet; 2m 40cm by 96cm (that's about 95in by 38in in real money). Not bad for something made from left-over bits of yarn.

Madam Floss was posing nicely on her favourite cushion; I grabbed the camera and she decided it was time to wash.

Flossie_black_blob    Flossie_still_washing

You've heard of Wash & Go; this was more like Wash & Ignore. Groan....


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