Merry Christmas!
Christmas presents

Those resolution thingies...

I don't usually do resolutions, but the increasing size of my stash and the regular smoking of my plastic throughout 2006 prompts me to have a go at this in 2007


I'll try to stick to the rules on the Wendy Knits blog, well, that's the plan anyway! I know that Liz is going for it and I'm also going to pinch her idea and do a spreadsheet of my stash. That will be fairly scary. There are still about 6 hours to go before midnight; perhaps a little pottering around the internet is called for....

Christmas knitterly stuff to follow!


Knitting from stash - hum - does the Stash shop count?

Happy New Year! I should do the same really - knit from stash - but I get tempted too easily :)) -Off to knit in the New Year!

Yvonne, I hadn't thought of that! Possibly an interesting variation...?

Happy new year! My last two year's worth of stash resolutions have failed miserably, so this year it will be more like two out, one in!

Like Gill, I can resist everything but temptation.....I am aiming to finish two things before the new Rowan Mag comes out lst Feb - though I much prefer the winter one to the summer one.

Happy New Year!

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