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Regia Surprise sock yarn

This looks interesting!


Regia Surprise from Astrid in the Netherlands. It's supposed to give you a different effect depending on the number of stitches you cast on. Hmmm, I'll let you know how it works out; it's next in line after I finish some socks already on the needles. Astrid also has the new Opal Neon which looks rather tasty.

Yet another Royal Mail whinge coming up...


It really p*sses me off when I pay extra to get guaranteed delivery and the folks at the sorting office can't read ignore what it says on the big red sticker. Just as well it got delivered to the right door then.

Project 365 - January 19


January 19 - I spend a fair amount of my spare time reading. Being a tad anal, I write down the titles/authors in this splendid notebook (made for me by Liz) and grade the books according to their enjoyment level. Looking back, I read 59 books in 2006 (49 fiction, 10 nonfiction). This one, Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood was OK; it had too strong a feminist bias and I didn't enjoy it half as much as Pre-Raphaelites in Love by Gay Daly.

Not much knitting content these days ...

... as I have absolutely nothing on the needles at the moment! Well, that is apart from a couple of pairs of socks chugging along, which don't really count. I'm taking my time deciding what to knit next, partly because of work pressures and partly because I can't decide whether I want to start another shawl, a garment, try out a different sock pattern instead of my usual plain vanilla one, or whatever. No hurry, as most evenings are taken up with work stuff, but it's nice to plan, fondle the stash and look forward to starting something new.

I haven't been entirely idle though.


Two-colour scarf using three skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas Sportweight and a 3.5mm hook - one third of the scarf is fuchsia 530, two thirds are black 510. It's lovely yarn to work with; soft yet substantial with good stitch definition. I like this stitch pattern and I've used it several times before.


Project 365 - January 17


January 17 - I keep a scrapbook. I use an artist's A4 landscape sketchbook, scissors and a glue stick. When I find something that appeals to me - image, quotation, piece of writing, whatever - I cut it out and stick it down. The only rule I have is to stick new images down where they fit on a page, rather than being consciously selective and grouping all the images of one type together. I like the randomness of colour, shape, pattern and subject matter that appear on the filled pages.