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Project 365 - January 12


January 12 - many years ago, I bought a beautiful dress from Bus Stop in Kensington Church Street. It was a deep khaki/brown colour with lace trim and huge sleeves; I loved that dress. It had a very short life, being fated to have food spilt down it at every opportunity, sometimes by me and sometimes by other people. I give you the 2007 equivalent, my favourite khaki T-shirt.

Four ways to pamper yourself without breaking your yarn diet


1 Hope that a very generous friend gives you a gift voucher to spend at Stash Yarns. I had intended to knit the multicoloured Charlotte's Web Shawl, but I couldn't find five colours of Koigu that worked together in a way I liked. I fell for this wonderful colourway in aubergine, deep plum, wine and dull pink (it's colour 856) and bought enough to knit the Gypsy Shawl instead. Thanks, Bee!

2 Make sure that your yarn diet rules allow the occasional purchase of sock yarn, just to keep things ticking over in this time of deprivation. In addition to the above gift, I bought two skeins of Koigu in purples and two in dull blue-greens to cheer up my sock stash.


3 Join a pre-pay sock club before you start the diet. This is January's yarn from the Fyberspates Sock Club - 90% alpaca, 10% nylon - in a really lovely colourway. There's a lacy sock pattern as well as a dinky sock blocker key chain.

4 Join another one! January's yarn from the Woolly Workshop Sock Club is one of my favourites, CTH Supersock, in a gorgeous new colourway called Misty Moor.


The yarn comes with a rather tasty sock pattern.


To frog or not to frog

I've been happily knitting this over the last few days


A Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl in the Gleaming 4ply silk that Liz gave me last birthday. It was coming along nicely until I started the second skein last night.


It's pooling.


And the pooling looks worse in real life/daylight than it does here. The second skein seems to be missing the light grey and dark purple that were in the first skein; there's a definite STRIPE forming across the shawl. I'm not happy....time for a re-think.

Christmas presents

I did very well this Christmas in the knitterly stuff department! Handknit gloves and socks from Julie, a Stash Yarns gift voucher from Bee and these from Liz

Cascade_silk    Cascade_silk_detail

Christmas_02    Christmas_scarf_from_liz_2006_detail

A huge skein of CTH Cascade Fingering silk in Tropical Storm, a flowery tape measure in shades of purple and turquoise, the Threadbared book and a lovely multi-directional scarf knitted in Lang Mille Colori #354. Liz and I met up and opened presents in the British Library cafe (nice place, v. good for present-opening). Here we are later in the day in the Pizza Express on Euston Road.


Liz_wearing_seasilk_shawl_christmas_2006    Lizs_seasilk_shawl_detail

I'm wearing the Lang scarf; Liz is wearing one of her presents from me - a Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl knitted in Handmaiden Sea Silk, colour Vintage. I really enjoyed knitting this (apart from having to frog a couple of inches near the end when I realised I'd got a yarn over in the wrong place) and it blocked beautifully.