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Project 365 - January 20

Project 365 - January 19


January 19 - I spend a fair amount of my spare time reading. Being a tad anal, I write down the titles/authors in this splendid notebook (made for me by Liz) and grade the books according to their enjoyment level. Looking back, I read 59 books in 2006 (49 fiction, 10 nonfiction). This one, Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood was OK; it had too strong a feminist bias and I didn't enjoy it half as much as Pre-Raphaelites in Love by Gay Daly.


Wibbo, I read both of those a few years ago - when doing my C&G embroidery and researching Pre-Raphaelites - particularly Burne-Jones. I would entirely agree with your opinion of those books.

Nice to see the book getting used! I started the year with a new notebook I've been 'keeping for something special' - am scribbling down book, film etc. reviews while I remember them... Being possibly even more anal, I'll probably end up indexing it, if I keep going...

What a gorgeous notebook.

49 fiction books in a year is pretty good going! I read Pre-Raphaelites in Love back in about 1991 ... really enjoyed it. The Pre-Raphs were an obsession of mine as a teen.

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