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A little bit of knitting ...

... is getting done these days. The work-all-hours-God-sends period on the book is over and I now have Knitting Time in the evenings. I have a couple of pairs of socks on the go; one in some oldish Regia out of the stash, the other pair in Tofutsies, a present from Jill. Nice yarn - I'm knitting it on two 2.25mm HiyaHiya circs and the fabric feels so soft and silky.


I spent yesterday afternoon knitting at Stash Yarns. Lots of knitters hanging out (including Stitch 'n Dye Sue, Knittiotherapy Sue, Franney, Adrienne, Lisa) as well as the workers - in between looking after customers, Nic was crocheting squares, Diane was knitting a sock and Nathalie was knitting a sample to display in the shop.


This lovely stuff was a present from Diane to go with my spindle. Knitters are such generous people!

Project 365 - February 16


February 16 - I use this pincushion almost every day. A hand-made birthday present received many years ago, it's stuffed with scraps of washed fleece and the cotton velvet top is getting worn through constant use. The side you can't see is made from cream velvet overlaid with pieces of patterned chiffon and embellished with embroidery and melted plastic leaves.