Project 365 - March 20
Project 365 - March 21


When I get to the end of a long work project, I usually reward myself with one or two nice goodies. This is reward #1, a jacket kit from Hanne Falkenberg. And yes, I realise it's outside the limits of my yarn diet...


Lovely colours and design; the yarn feels good, too. I don't know how I'll get along with knitting miles and miles of mindless garter stitch though.


Rewards #2 and #3 - Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting from here and Interweave's Lace Style from here. Heirloom Knitting is wonderful; to be honest, I'm less than impressed with the other book. There are three designs I really like but I think the rest are, er, fairly hideous. Other nice stuff that arrived lately includes:


This month's Sock Club yarn from The Woolly Workshop - CTH Supersock Solids in a tooth-tingling lime green. I'm planning to pair it with the same yarn in bright purple and make lime socks with purple heels and toes and purple socks with lime ditto.


March's Sock Club yarn from Fyberspates - beautifully soft blue faced Leicester. Not my usual sort of thing, but the colour scheme's beginning to grow on me.


You're quite an Ivana Trump on the quiet, aren't you, you little with you over the sock yarn, I don't do subtle either!

Miles and miles of mindless garter...fear not that's what I thought until I made my first mitred square now I'm on my way to a blanket !

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